New Herbicide Tackles Soybean Weeds

Cheminova has received registration for its new Tackle soybean herbicide.


Tackle is a selective, postemergence broadleaf herbicide that offers effective and flexible preplant burndown and postemergence control of annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds in Round-Up Ready soybeans.

“Tackle has glyphosate and imazethapyr as the active ingredients,” says Dr. Jim Barrentine, technical services director for Cheminova. “This means that Tackle will provide the effectiveness of glyphosate, along with the combined residual control of imazethapyr.”

Barrentine says Tackle is very effective against broadleaf and grass weeds found in no-till situations. “This product has just the right ratio of glyphosate and imazethapyr which means no additional glyphosate has to be added to achieve the right mix for effective control,” he says. “Farmers will find the ease of application it offers is a tremendous advantage.”

Barrentine points out that because Tackle can be applied preplant burndown, preemergence, and/or postemergence, it has tremendous application flexibility. “It can also be tank-mixed with many registered residual grass herbicides for additional control,” he says.

The product is packaged in 2.5-gallon jugs and 265-gallon containers. Visit for more information.

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Do you have an article on corn and soybean herbicides? I am mainly interested in a product called ValorSX or ValorXLT. Thanks