Monsanto’s New Mobile App Supports Roundup Ready Plus Solutions

Growers can now rely on a new mobile application to support effective weed management, particularly of tough-to-control and glyphosate-resistant weeds.


Weed Manager PLUS, launched at this year’s Farm Progress Show, is the latest tool added to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions platform.  The mobile app provides:

  • Weed management recommendations by region and crop.
  • Calculates potential incentives for farmers who use endorsed residual herbicide products.
  • Delivers a tank mixing tool and measurement conversion calculator.

“We’re very excited to offer Weed Manager PLUS to farmers who want to take a proactive approach to weed control,” said Chris Reat, Roundup Ready PLUS Marketing Manager.  “This new app gives them an innovative tool they can use in the field as they are making their weed management decisions.”

Weed Manager PLUS can be downloaded at Google Play or the Apple App Store. For more information on weed control, click here.