Latest Weed Management Technology, Strategies to Highlight Purdue’s Weed Day

Latest Weed Management Technology, Strategies to Highlight Purdue’s Weed Day

Purdue University’s Weed Science team will host its annual Weed Day on July 3, 8:30 a.m. to noon, at the Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center, 8343 U.S. Highway 231 — about five miles south of Lafayette — offering farmers, industry professionals, Extension educators, and crop advisers the opportunity to discover the latest in weed management technologies and techniques.


Bill Johnson, professor of weed science and Purdue Extension weed science specialist, said the event is focused on weed control tactics in new herbicide-resistant soybeans, an update on current weed control, and herbicide-resistant weed trends for the state and an update on recent advances in herbicide application technologies.

“We have an excellent population of giant ragweed and waterhemp at this research site,” Johnson said. “We will demonstrate the most effective herbicides and herbicide-resistant trait combinations for control of these problematic weeds.”

Graduate students from Johnson’s and Bryan Young’s, a professor in the Botany and Plant Pathology Department, weed science research programs will also be on hand to share their research projects and speak with industry and agricultural professionals. The event isn’t just about weeds, Johnson said, it’s also about bringing together researchers, academics and industry professionals for an informal exchange of ideas.

There is no cost to attend Weed Day, but registration is required. For more information or to sign up, click here or call Lisa Gross at 765-494-9871.

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