Attempts To Sell Herbicide By Phone Most Likely A Scam

As if dry weather and insects did not present big enough problems for farmers, one University of Missouri Extension specialist says recent attempts to sell herbicides to farmers by telephone is really a scam.


“There are calls going around from a fake company called Supply House out of Illinois selling a herbicide called Trilete,” said Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with MU Extension.

Scheidt says the callers claim their product, Trilete, will kill anything in soybeans and has an excellent rating for control of waterhemp.

“In searching for this product and company, I could find no proof of their existence or information on the product, Trilete. We believe this is a scam coming from a fake company selling a fake product,” said Scheidt.

She also warns advises farmers to use caution before buying any product over the phone and especially when a company you have never heard of contacts you to sell their product.

For more information, contact the MU Extension Center in Barton County, 417-682-3579.

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Avatar for Warren Warren says:

I had the same experience happen to me. Within an hour I thought that this was really a scam and tried to cancel the order. I called the phone number back and it was a fax. So I tried to send a fax but when the “handshake” of the fax started the other line froze up. I immediately called my credit card co and filed a dispute. I eventually got a good phone number but only to leave a message unless I knew the person extension. So I just started to punch in extensions until someone answered. Eventually I got a man on the phone and he said he would give me credit. After a couple of days I called and got another man who confirmed that I was supposed to get credit. After about a week I checked my CC online and did indeed find a credit for the entire amount. The man who tried to run this deal thru was Frank Barnes and he said his company was Supply House but didn’t say where it was located. As for the product, since I didn’t get it I have no idea if it’s any good but beware of someone calling out of the blue. He used my wifes name and I have no idea where he got it. Lesson learned.

Avatar for Brad Brad says:

I got a call on this Triple 10 Herbicide deal. Price kept dropping, trying to get my credit card number. When I didn’t, and went internet to check it our, I got multiple call back. Pain in the ….

Avatar for Steve KRamer Steve KRamer says:

My recent experience is the same as Warren’s and Brad’s. Like Brad the product I was sold was Triple 10 herbicide for the control of sandbur in my pasture. It was to kill the sand bur for 3 years. The person I was talking to was a lady named Allison and she seemed to know about sandbur and other weed controls, I was in the middle of working on another project and bought 2 gallons of the herbicide. Like Warren I got to thinking that something wasn’t right and called the bank to block my card within a hour and a half. Now I’m trying to get my money back.

Avatar for Tamara Kathcart Tamara Kathcart says:

You know same here i had that call and at the time i wasnt thinking of a scam it was a woman caller she explainrd the product to me and i thought i could really use it,so i ordered a 5 gallon and i got 1 free i do want to say i would not give my credit card over the phone so she did give it to me with a cod and i paid the ups driver when my product arrived and xo far so good its doing everything she promised i have only sprayed once and i have nothing coming back .

Avatar for Graham Wolfenkoehler Graham Wolfenkoehler says:

I was trying to place another order with Supply House and couldn’t find them, so I googled them and found their website. At the same time I also ran across this article. I personally had a great experience with them. We have a very evasive tree in Florida known as the “pepper tree” and it’s the only thing I’ve found that holds them back. Your website should honestly reconsider throwing them under the bus like this. As you can see in your comments, they refunded people’s money so, they’re not scammers. My brother and I just split 5 gallons of the stuff and they gave me one for free.

Avatar for R Buckmaster R Buckmaster says:

To Graham – could you post a link to their website, because I certainly can’t find one. FYI to the rest of you, they are still at it, although now claim to be from NY instead of IL and on 10/8/2019 they got me too. Unfortunately we had been looking for a good pasture herbicide, so the rep called the right sucker. Now my bank has to dispute the charge.