New FMC Website Provides Season-Long Updates On Fungicide Plots

New FMC Website Provides Season-Long Updates On Fungicide Plots

Grow Forward with FMC Fungicides is a plot initiative in key corn and soybean producing regions showcasing fungicides from FMC.


“We went from having very few fungicides to having a robust portfolio across many crops and geographies following our integration with Cheminova,” explained Flavio Centola, FMC soybean segment manager. “Topguard fungicide and Preemptor SC fungicide are excellent products for soybeans and corn, but they are relatively new to the market so we wanted to demonstrate the benefits they provide to as many growers as possible.”

To that end, FMC has created a website for plot-specific information and updates throughout the growing season. The site URL is:

Fungicide plots have been established in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. The plots will feature an early foliar application of Topguard fungicide or Preemptor SC fungicide. Plot-specific information and updates will be posted throughout the growing season on the Grow Forward with FMC Fungicides website and live-stream events will provide in-season video reports from the field.

“The Grow Forward with FMC Fungicides plot initiative provides a great opportunity to gather performance data and increase confidence in FMC fungicide products,” said Centola. “The website gives retailers and growers access to the latest plot information and seasonal disease pressures anytime and anywhere.”

Topguard fungicide is highly systemic and protects against key soybean diseases including frogeye leaf spot, cercospora leaf blight and powdery mildew as well as key corn diseases including gray leaf spot, Southern and Northern corn leaf blights and Southern rust. Preemptor SC fungicide has a wide application window and offers season-long protection against a wide range of diseases including alternaria leaf spot, anthracnose, frogeye leaf spot and powdery mildew in soybeans. In corn, it protects against gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf spot, Southern corn leaf blight, Southern rust, common rust and more.