New CROSSOVER PRO Formulation Offers Insect and Disease Control

New CROSSOVER PRO Formulation Offers Insect and Disease Control

INNVICTIS CROP CARE, LLC has launched CROSSOVER PRO as a first of its kind formulation combining propiconazole and lambda-cyhalothrin for superior insect control while adding disease protection at an economical cost to the producer. This novel systems approach delivers one pass protection and time saving convenience of no mixing.


CROSSOVER PRO has quick knockdown and residual control of over 35 insects. It also controls Powdery mildew, rust and leaf blight. In addition to corn and soybeans, CROSSOVER PRO is labeled on peanuts, rice, sorghum, tree nuts and wheat.

“Our industry is comprised of continual farm operation economizing. This thrifty mentality carries over into our business as well. Having active ingredients is only the beginning. We must know what and how to deploy those active ingredients in a manner that delivers sound agronomic and economical products to our growers. That is what makes CROSSOVER PRO so unique. It was designed with lambda-cyhalothrin to deliver long lasting residual control of primary and secondary chewing and sucking pest and propiconazole for its preventative and curative fungicidal properties that impact plant health and yield,” says Will Scott, Tech Services and Market Development Manager for INNVICTIS CROP CARE, LLC.

Early protection against insects and diseases has proven to increase yield from overall plant health and stress relief. Apply CROSSOVER PRO when conditions are favorable for disease development and insects are present.

CROSSOVER PRO is a Restricted Use Pesticide.

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