Dow Launches Online Tool for Agrochemical Formulators

Dow, through its Industrial Solutions business, has introduced a new innovative online tool, DOW Crop Solver, to accelerate agricultural formulation development. DOW Crop Solver provides a guided journey which helps formulators speed up inert ingredient selection and evaluation, and quickly assess inert ingredient properties – all from an experience optimized for desktop and mobile use.

These ingredients from Dow Industrial Solutions feature high-performance and innovative products for agrochemical formulators to produce crop protection products by accessing additive information in the early stages of development, which enables formulators to save time by avoiding unnecessary formulation iterations while also reducing wasted material, ensuring more successful formulation in the field.


“DOW Crop Solver was built based on customer feedback,” said Diana Vasquez, Global Segment Leader for Dow Industrial Solutions. “Extensive interviews were used to understand agrochemical formulators’ pain points. As a result, we built a curated and tailored data set specific to the crop experience that allows formulators to apply advanced filters to find the right inert ingredients based on their specific needs.”

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DOW Crop Solver provides a guided journey which helps formulators speed up inert ingredient selection and evaluation.

The evolving complexity of agrochemical formulations brings new challenges to traditional pesticide development. The right inert ingredients are key to addressing those challenges and developing stable, efficient crop protection formulations that allow the active ingredient to realize its full potential. DOW Crop Solver offers easy-to-find technical data on these ingredients and the option to request samples for accelerated agricultural formulation development in one unique place.

The tool’s features include active ingredient search, crop regulatory information by product, technical and safety data, easy on-the-go navigation and inert ingredient property comparisons. It is currently available in North America and will expand to the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India and Latin America regions.

“We know speed of product development for our crop protection formulators is essential,” said Michael Tate, Ph.D. – Principal Research Scientist. “Our goal is to provide fast and easy access to Dow’s formulation guidance and inert properties to support cost-effective formulation development and helping our customers business to succeed.”

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