Corteva Gearing Up for 2022 By Launching Two New Products

As the agricultural community gets ready for the 2021 harvest/fall application season, Corteva Agriscience/Pioneer is already looking ahead to the 2022 planting season. To this end, the company is planning to introduce a pair of new crop protection product tools for ag retailers and their grower-customers to use down the road.


The first of these products is called Resicore XL. An herbicide based upon the success of the company’s Resicore, Resicore XL features three active ingredients/modes of action – acetochlor, mesotrione, and clopyralid. According to Corteva, it is a preplant, pre-, and postemergence corn herbicide that will offer increased crop safety and application flexibility on corn greater than 11-inches tall. Resicore XL can be used to control more than 75 of the toughest broadleaf and grass weeds, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail, and giant ragweed.

“Farmers are looking for innovative solutions that fit their farming operations,” said Brandon Walter, U.S. Product Manager, Corn Herbicides. “Resicore XL herbicide offers increased crop safety and the widest application window of any Corteva Agriscience corn herbicide along with the proven, powerful weed control they’ve come to expect from our products,” says Brandon Walter, U.S. Product Manager, Corn Herbicides.

According to Walter, Resicore XL will build on the success and proven weed control corn farmers have come to expect from its predecessor Resicore. In fact, according to Kynetec Market Research, Resicore was the most widely used residual corn herbicide in the U.S. in 2019 and 2020.

Resicore XL is anticipated for EPA registration in 2022. Following registration, said Walter, the product will be available for sale.

The other new product comes from Pioneer and is an insecticide seed treatment. Called Lumiderm, the product features the active ingredient cyantraniliprole and shields soybean seedlings against twice the number of insect species as other seed treatments, says Brad Van Kooten, Pioneer Seed Treatment Category Leader, noting that seed treatment product sales have “grown substantially” over the past year.

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“Growers — especially those who prefer to plant early — want better protection from emerging pest pressure during the early critical growth stage,” says Van Kooten. “Getting soybeans off to a strong start with less insect pressure is key to developing healthier root systems and fuller and more uniform plant stands; and helping to maximize yield potential.”

However, soybeans are not the only crop that can benefit from Lumiderm’s use, he adds. The product can also be used on cover crops.

“Cover crops can be an important part of a sustainable agriculture system by suppressing weeds, preserving nitrogen, and improving soil quality, but they also can attract increased and broader insect populations to decaying crop residue and cover crop plants,” says Van Kooten. “Lumiderm reduces the risk of stand loss issues in fields with cover crops with its enhanced protection against heavy insect pressure.”

According to Van Kooten, Lumiderm will be released in limited grower testing quantities in 2021 and be fully available for use during the 2022 planting season.