AMVAC Acquires Cotton Defoliant

AMVAC Chemical Corp. has acquired the cotton defoliant product tribufos (sold under the trade name Def) from Bayer CropScience. The acquisition complements AMVAC’s existing cotton defoliant product Folex, which it has marketed since 2002.


Def and Folex are fast and effective cotton defoliants that facilitate the removal of leaves surrounding the cotton boll and, in combination with other products, function as a harvest aid.

“AMVAC is committed to the tribufos business and to maintaining Folex as a critical harvest aid tool for cotton farmers,” says Paul Vaculin, marketing manager for AMVAC. “We have worked hard to supply a significant amount of Folex for the 2010 harvest season. This acquisition will enable AMVAC to meet the needs of U.S. cotton growers into the future.”

“The acquisition strengthens AMVAC’s broad product offering for cotton growers, which includes our leading cotton insecticides Bidrin, Bidrin XP, Discipline and Orthene,” adds Jim Lehman, national sales manager for AMVAC. “Further, our southern regional sales force, under the leadership of regional manager Scott Hendrix, is well-positioned to promote AMVAC’s complete product line in cotton.”

Bidrin, Discipline, Folex, and Orthene are registered trademarks of AMVAC Chemical Corp.

Def is a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience. The trademark will be transferred to AMVAC in the acquisition.

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