Agrii: Seed Treatment Should Be Regarded As Long Term Investment

Seed treatment crop protection should be thought of as a long-term investment rather than an extra cost says Agrii, which was encouraging growers to think of seed treatments as a T (-1) timing at Lamma Show.


With a three- to four-month gap between sowing and the first spring fungicide spray, the choice of treatments is ‘crucial’, Agrii advised. Especially when early sowing and mild conditions increase pest and disease pressures or the soil and weather are limiting spraying opportunities.

Commenting on T (-1), Harry Abell of Agrii said: “We want growers to look at the long-term rather than just a single [seed] treatment, and as an investment not an extra cost. It also provides risk management so growers don’t have to rush in with the sprayer.”

Acknowledging most growers already use seed treatments, Agrii were encouraging growers to give them the attention they deserved, taking into account varieties and conditions.


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