NutriAg Launches BB5 Platinum Spray Adjuvant

Crop farmers have a new tool at their disposal to increase sustainability and maximize ROI with the immediate availability of the newly patented ultimate spray adjuvant, BB5 Platinum, from NutriAg Group — a leading innovator and supplier of nutrient products and agricultural adjuvants.


BB5 Platinum was designed by NutriAg’s team of research scientists and proven in rigorous field testing to improve spray performance in a safer and more eco-friendly manner than competitive surfactants. BB5 Platinum solves five common spray problems: high water pH, water hardness, water conductivity, leaf surface pH and surface tension.

“Poor pesticide performance is often the result of poor water quality,” said Kelly Tanaka, Vice President of Research and Development at NutriAg Group. “By making improvements in things like water pH and surface tension, we are able to increase the efficacy of the foliar fertilizer or pesticide being applied and help the grower get more performance out of their input investment.”

BB5 Platinum is a more environmentally friendly and higher performing option than NutriAg’s prior formulations. The new formulation is phosphate-free, a major benefit to growers in areas with eutrophication concerns; contains a color-changing pH indicator to fine-tune water acidification; and its unique acidifying and buffering components reduce pH to ideal levels (pH 5) while preventing over-acidification.

When added to a spray solution, BB5 Platinum minimizes the negative interactions of ions in hard water, lowers spray water pH, lessens pesticide tie-up from high salt levels in water, buffers the spray water, and reduces the surface tension of spray water to improve product uptake by plants.

“This product was created with the grower in mind,” said Ben Cicora, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing with NutriAg USA. “This innovation solves multiple problems growers encounter with water and spraying in order to increase their efficiency and overall performance in the field, while also being extremely compatible with a wide range of tank mixes. We’re proud to make BB5 Platinum available to help growers maximize their crop protection investments.”

BB5 Platinum is now available at all NutriAg dealers.