CHS Agronomy Announces Four New Adjuvant Products for 2022 Season  

CHS Agronomy has announced the latest offerings in its line of high-performance adjuvants. Last Chance Pro, a non-ionic surfactant, water conditioner and deposition aid; Verasure, a volatility reducing agent (VRA), drift reduction agent (DRA), water conditioner, and surfactant; Advatrol, a high surfactant methylated seed oil concentrate (HSOC); Tapran, a methylated seed oil (MSO), water conditioner, and deposition aid, will be available to growers during the 2022 growing season.


“Retailers and growers continue to face an up-hill battle for weed control,” said Brian Kuehl, Director of Product Development, CHS Agronomy. “Resistance, reduced herbicide efficacy and loss of chemistries due to regulation are all key factors​. Maximizing herbicide applications starts with using the right tools, including adjuvants, to bring out the best in an herbicide mix.”

Last Chance Pro is formulated to increase the uptake, translocation, and efficacy of herbicides over that of many standard adjuvant programs. Last Chance Pro offers a low use rate, excellent handling characteristics and enhanced weed control of many herbicides such as glufosinate and glyphosate.

Verasure is made specifically for the dicamba market and offers an all-in-one solution that currently meets EPA requirements for spraying dicamba. Verasure is unique in that it comes complete with a nonionic surfactant, water conditioner, defoamer, drift reduction aids and volatility reduction aids.

Advatrol and Tapran join an exclusive line of soy-enhanced adjuvants that are formulated with highly refined soy oil made from soybeans grown by CHS farmer-owners. Compared to adjuvants made with crude vegetable or petroleum oil, refined soybean oil contains less impurities, which – in addition to increasing mixability and efficacy at a low use rate – provides additional storage stability, especially in cold weather, allowing retailers to keep product on hand and available when customers need them without risking any decrease in quality.

Advatrol is a high surfactant oil concentrate that helps to increase contact activity and penetration at a convenient low use rate. Tapran is a multi-functional solution, equipped with a high surfactant oil concentrate, water conditioning agent and deposition aid to help improve herbicide performance against tough-to-control weeds.

Perhaps most importantly, soy-enhanced adjuvants create demand and value for the farmers who grow, harvest and market soybeans though the CHS cooperative system. After soybeans are crushed and the oil is refined at CHS facilities, they become an important ingredient in CHS adjuvants, which are applied with crop protection products to the same fields in which they were grown to protect future crops and grower profits.

“CHS Agronomy has been working hard to innovate and stay agile in the fast-changing crop protection market to help bring industry-leading solutions that create value for our farmer-owners and customers. These innovative, new products in our adjuvant lineup round out our portfolio nicely,” says Kuehl. “We have the adjuvant solutions to help retailers and growers keep herbicides on-target with better coverage and penetration.”