Mike Rahm

Phosphate and Potash Outlook 2018

Phosphate and potash prices trended upward throughout 2017. Several factors combined to move prices higher last year. Global […]

The Phosphorus/Potash Outlook For 2017

If the old adage that “the cure for low prices is low prices” holds true, then phosphorus (P) […]

The Phosphate And Potash Outlook For 2016

Like other commodities, prices of the leading plant nutrient products dropped sharply in 2015. At this writing, the […]

The Phosphate And Potash Outlook For 2015

Several factors will ultimately determine how phosphate and potash demand play out this year.

The Phosphate And Potash Outlook For 2014

Overall, the signs look good for phosphate and potash in 2014 — but there are a few obstacles to overcome along the way.

Fertilizer: Beyond The Demand Recovery

Outstanding demand prospects are the dominant feature of the crop nutrient outlook this year. The latest statistics from […]

Fertilizer: How Much Will Demand Rebound?

There is little doubt that crop nutrient demand will rebound this year following the unprecedented declines of 2008-09. […]

Key Trends In 2008

Even the most grizzled veterans of the crop input industry will admit that they have never seen anything […]

View From The Manufacturers

A Tale Of Two Years A year ago, U.S. growers were evaluating how many acres to switch from […]