Safeguarding The Community

Safeguarding The Community

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Regardless of where an ag retailer is located, the company is usually an important part of its local community. Dealerships are neighbors, friends, and important business leaders within their town or city. Therefore, taking steps to protect the people and property in this area becomes an important step for every retailers in the market. Here are four key points to consider on protecting your community and surrounding environment.

  • Retailers should always make certain their product loading/unloading and storage areas have proper containment to prevent accidental spills from becoming community/environmental hazards.
  • Used motor oil should be collected in proper temporary containers before being transferred to sturdier containment tanks for recycling or disposal.
  • Retailers should have their staff employees properly rinse and clean all returned nurse tanks before putting them back in general use.
  • If possible, dealerships should have in place a program that allows grower-customers and other members of their communities to bring in used crop protection product containers for recycling or disposal. This should be conducted at least once per year, if not more often.

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