BREAKING: 2013 Farm Bill Killed In House

BREAKING: 2013 Farm Bill Killed In House

The House defeated the farm bill resoundingly on a 195-234 vote Thursday, dealing another blow to Speaker John A. Boehner as he continues to struggle to move legislation opposed by conservative interest groups.


Most Democrats opposed the bill, unhappy with a $20.5 billion cut to food stamps, while Republicans deeply split into competing factions. More than 60 GOP lawmakers voted against the bill, while a couple dozen Democrats supported it.

The defeat came after Boehner, R-OH, successfully backed an amendment to the bill to strip dairy subsidies, a move sure to anger lawmakers in both parties who hail from cow country.

It was not immediately apparent what will happen next. Leadership had warned conservatives that if a farm bill did not pass, an extension was likely that would not include reforms and savings conservatives support.

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