Bayer Leads New Coalition to Advocate for Farmers’ Access to Glyphosate and Other Crop Protection Tools

Grower and industry groups from across the country have joined together to support a new coalition, the Modern Ag Alliance, to protect American farmers’ access to critical crop protection tools farmers need to ensure a robust and affordable food supply. Working alongside federal and state policymakers, more than 60 diverse agriculture organizations, led by Bayer, have aligned to voice their support for legislative solutions that ensure consistency in labeling and the continued domestic availability of innovations for farming.

The Modern Ag Alliance is working with agricultural partners and policymakers across the country to reinforce the importance of science-based regulation. Specifically, the need to ensure any pesticide registered with the EPA – and sold under a label consistent with the EPA’s own determinations – is sufficient to satisfy requirements for health and safety warnings.​


“We need to protect the critical role safe, approved crop protection tools play in sustainably feeding a growing world. Farmers need legislative certainty that enables them to have confidence in the access of these important crop protection tools. While states have the option to build on the federal government’s baseline regulations, we’re looking to ensure that any provisions do not directly conflict with the scientific findings of the EPA,” said Renee Fordyce, President of the Missouri Soybean Association.

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These crop protection tools are also essential for farmers looking to adopt and implement new regenerative agriculture practices designed to reduce the environmental impact of farming. Practices like no-till and planting cover crops deliver key benefits such as increased soil health and reduced wind and water erosion while improving water infiltration to the soil.

“Farmers require a realm of science-based tools to effectively manage their operations. By providing us with a combination of conservation practices, new technology, and innovative approaches we can address the challenges faced in today’s rapidly changing agricultural landscape,” stated Jolene Riessen, Iowa Corn Growers Association President and a farmer from Ida Grove. “Farmers rely on science-based tools to sustainably grow their crops. When we embrace new technology in agriculture and utilize advancements in tools available, we can optimize our productivity, reduce costs, and minimize the environmental impact of our farms.”

Safe, effective pesticides are essential to modern agriculture, and so is ensuring a framework that supports farmers’ predictable access to these products. For nearly half a century glyphosate – the most widely used U.S. herbicide – has served as farmers’ top defense against invasive weeds that threaten crop yields and also help protect American’s wallets with food inflation at a 30-year high.

“We stand with these grower groups to support the need for legislative certainty for these science-based tools,” said Jess Christiansen, Head of Crop Science Communications for Bayer. “Farmers need these critical innovations now more than ever – and certainty to ensure the continued long-term availability of products like glyphosate. We look forward to working with our partners in the Alliance to advance this important work.”