Multi-Tasking Tenders

Multi-Tasking Tenders

Deuce 1000, Circle K Manufacturing Co.

Circle K Deuce Anhydrous Tank Trailer


The Deuce 1000, Circle K’s most popular anhydrous tank trailer, accommodates two 1,000-gallon tanks. Its heavy duty frame allows mounting of tanks with leg dimensions of 99 inches to 129 inches in length. The company says this is a great improvement because most older tanks do not have a standard leg spacing. Several new improvements for this season include a torsion axle option, a new neck design allowing better operator access to plumbing, and fender options. Circle K manufactures anhydrous tank trailers to accommodate a variety of tank sizes from double 1,000- and 1,500- gallon tanks, to a single 3,000-gallon tank.

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