Harvest International Unveils New Seed Delivery System

Harvest International has unveiled its latest innovation this week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY: the Vortex CSD. The Vortex CSD is a completely redesigned seed delivery plenum that improves two major problems experienced with central seed delivery systems on planters across the industry: the necessity of jumpers on high row configurations, and the inconsistent distribution of seed within a single plenum and across tanks on a dual bin system.

With an industry leading 24-port seed plenum, the Vortex CSD completely eliminates the need for jumper hoses on up to 48 rows on a dual CSD system. This results in a more consistent and reliable distribution of seed compared with most 12 or 16 port plenums that require multiple split hoses for higher row spacing.


The cone bottom circular plenum creates a vortex effect that maximizes efficiency so that seed distributes and empties at an equal and balanced rate, even across two different tanks.

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The Vortex CSD has been proven with corn and soybeans and Harvest International will continue to expand testing to a broader range of seed sizes in 2024 and anticipates a retail launch on all Harvest International CSD planters in 2025. Harvest International’s modular CSD design will continue to facilitate an industry standard 16 port plenum.