Sprayer Savvy

Sprayer Savvy

John Deere 4830 Sprayer

4830 sprayer, John Deere


The 4830 Sprayer is part of the 30 Series of self-propelled sprayers from John Deere. The 4830, a new size from John Deere, features PowerPlus 275-hp engine (with a peak 300-hp rating), a 1,000-gallon capacity solution tank, and boom sizes up to 100 feet. It also utilizes the standard GreenStar 2 monitor preloaded with precision features. The optional Boom Trac Pro automatic boom leveling maintains a consistent height over the crop while Swath Control Pro automatically turns nozzle sections on and off at end rows, waterways, and other nonspray areas. This intelligent technology is designed to help operators cover more acres in less time, spray product more efficiently, and reduce operator fatigue with the assisted-steering system of optional AutoTrac.

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