Spin And Spray To Sprayings

Spin And Spray To Sprayings

Miller Spin And Spray

The busy spring application season requires coordinating equipment and manpower with grower-customers’ needs for both fertilizer and crop protection products. The new Miller Spin and Spray from Miller-St. Nazianz — with its ability to apply dry fertilizer and liquid crop protection products at the same time — saves money, equipment expense, manpower needs, and fuel.

Going Pre & Post

The durable Spin and Spray can be used for both pre- and postemergence applications. Flotation or row crop tires (including rear dual row crop tires) are available. The Miller CR center ride chassis provides a clear view to the front tires for row crop applications.

The liquid system capacity is 600 gallons, which is matched for the capacity of a 13-foot New Leader spinner box. It is equipped with a Miller-built 60-foot or 80-foot mono-beam boom with breakaway outer wings, left/right raise/lower, and individual wing tilt.

The dry application system includes the choice of a New Leader L2020 or L3020 G4 13-foot spinner box. The spinner spread pattern matches the 80-foot boom width. A Raven SCS 4600 Rate Control System controls the spinner box conveyor, spinner speed, and the liquid system.The Miller CR chassis is solidly built and powered by a CAT C7 electronic engine with 330 hp at 2200 rpm.





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