Hagie Helper

Hagie Helper

437 Hagie Hi-Tractor

Truthfully, Lewis White of Columbus, WI, has been a fan of Hagie 437 Hi-Tractor for several years. Indeed, according to his recollection, he has sold hundreds of these machines to customers since the 1960s — despite the fact that Hagie Manufacturing only produced this model between 1968 and 1973.

In its original configuration, 437 units were equipped with a Wisconsin VH4D, 30-hp engine and a 285-gallon stainless steel product tank. They also featured a 30-foot, front-mounted boom with an extender that could bring the machine’s total width to 40 feet and a mechanical drive system.

Of course, adds White, most of the 437s he’s sold have been altered for various reasons. “Many of these were converted to become detasslers for seed companies or to electric/hydraulic row corn cutters used to combat Southern corn leaf blight outbreaks,” he says.

Saving Orphans

One of White’s major 437 recovery efforts occurred approximately 10 years ago. He became aware of a 437 unit that was basically abandoned in the woods around nearby Rice Lake. “We pulled it out of the woods and rejuvenated it,” he says, adding new components and restoring the machine to good working condition. The 437 now has a home working in Beaver Dam, WI.

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