AGCO Brands In Focus

AGCO Brands In Focus

2012 SpraCoupe, 4000 and 7000 series


2012 SpraCoupe | 4000 and 7000 series

For over 50 years, when operators need a light, nimble sprayer that can effectively power its way through the field, SpraCoupe leads the way.  SpraCoupe provides the tightest turning radius in the industry with minimal soil compaction.  The independent four-wheel suspension keeps all four tires in contact with the ground, providing a smooth ride, maximum fuel efficiency and dependable pulling power. SpraCoupe operators protect their fields in confidence with clear visibility, accurate tip-to-target control and adjustable axle widths to match any row spacing.

2012 Willmar | Willmar Super 800

With a heaped capacity of 264 cubic feet, the Willmar Super 800 dry fertilizer spreader is designed for even the biggest of jobs. A mechanically simple chain and gear conveyor system is directly driven by the spreader’s ground speed. Utilizing a doormat-style conveyor chain, the two-speed conveyor provides application rates in low or high ranges from 39 to 1,033 pounds of material per acre. For added road safety, the Super 800 is equipped with four-wheel surge brakes and lighting and reflective devices that meet ASAE S279 requirements.