11 Self-Propelled Sprayers For 2013

John Deere 4940 Sprayer4940 Sprayer, John Deere

The John Deere 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer comes Direct Injection Ready, giving operators the ability to add a combination of product tanks and pumps to achieve in-line chemical injection. This allows the operator to maintain a clean solution tank, switch between crops and load faster. The 4940 features a 50-inch crop clearance, 1,200-gallon solution tank and the ability to quickly be converted to a dry machine by installing a 200- or 300-cubic foot New Leader drybox spreader. The 4940 provides for faster dry application speeds and empty transport speeds up to 35 mph, says the company. To make application more precise, the 120-foot booms come in 11 independent sections. The 4940 Sprayer is powered by a 340-hp, 9-liter Interim Tier 4 PowerTech Plus Turbocharged engine.

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