Guidance Applications Broaden

AgJunction, Outback MAXOutback MAX, AgJunction

Outback’s next generation guidance system, Outback MAX, now features hybrid or variety planter section control. Users can assign hybrids or varieties to planter sections for mapping and logging in order to track test plots or refuge. The software update also includes a fully-integrated Web Browser (modem and data plan required) which provides complete in-cab Internet access on the 10.4-inch display. The update enables a built-in “Help System” within the MAX terminal that puts product manuals and other support materials at the operator’s fingertips. Outback MAX also now fully interfaces with eDriveTC in both hydraulic and VSi operational configurations. In addition, anhydrous applicators with a Raven Fast Valve set-up can take full advantage of rate and section control provided by the AC110 and the variable-rate capability of MAX. Finally, eDriveX and Outback MAX users now have the additional guidance patterns of Identical A-B Contour and Adaptive A-B Contour.

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