Dealing In Precision Ag Equipment

Dealing In Precision Ag Equipment

Many retailers have become dealers for all manner of precision equipment, creating an exciting yet potentially challenging profit center. For instance, Sean Nettleton, technology & information management specialist with Wabash Valley Service Co., Grayville, IL says autosteer has become a big part of his company’s market, and growers are looking for a dealer who is in the area who can service their equipment. Growers are adding systems to their combines, planters, and sprayers because displays are multifunctional.


South Dakota Wheat Growers offers GPS sales and installation of Trimble, AgLeader, and Raven equipment as well as a niche item of setting up new corn planters with starter fertilizer systems, tied to the OEM display and rate controller, describes Brent Wiesenburger, precision ag manager at South Dakota Wheat Growers Association, Aberdeen, SD. This market has grown to over 40 planter kits installed each spring between CNH and John Deere.

In 2007 MFA, Inc., Columbia, MO, started selling autosteer units and yield monitors as well as Seed Commander technology. Business tripled, then doubled again come 2008. The new products hit paydirt because of the arrival of a statewide RTK network in Missouri. In fact, MFA continues to sell some 125 clutch controls per year for variable-rate planting.

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