AgriSync Launches First App To Accelerate Farmer-Advisor Collaboration

AgriSync Launches First App To Accelerate Farmer-Advisor Collaboration

Keeping up with the newest technologies in agriculture is a constant challenge for farmers, and adequately supporting those farmers is a major struggle for vendors too. AgriSync has launched the first application designed specifically to address these challenges by allowing vendors and advisors in agriculture to work with their farmer customers more effectively.  The result is better quality support at a lower cost.


Using standard smartphone capabilities, AgriSync allows all trusted advisors – agronomists, service technicians, and precision agricultural specialists for instance – to see what their farmer customer sees in a real-time video support session.

AgriSync also gives service-driven advisors an additional tool for providing the best possible customer satisfaction. Subject matter experts spread their expertise more effectively.  Unlike consumer-grade products, AgriSync includes enhanced features that give advisors better visibility into customer support success across their team.

“When someone covers eight to 10 counties like we do, AgriSync could be a substantial savings of time and expense,” said Mark Johnson, field agronomist for Iowa State University. That translates into better service to Iowa State’s farmer clients at a lower cost of delivery.

Craig Marsh with Complete Agronomy Solutions, an independent agronomy advisory firm based in South Dakota and Nebraska, notes AgriSync is “a platform to stay better connected with our crop consulting clients and our own team of agronomists.”

A focus on agriculture’s human element has driven AgriSync’s development. “We see a real opportunity to serve the farmers and their trusted advisors who are on the front lines trying to make decisions and use the latest technologies,” said Casey Niemann, President of AgriSync, Inc.

AgriSync is available for both farmers and advisors at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For more on the AgriSync team and the problem AgriSync helps solve, visit the website and watch the video at

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