A Resident Deere

A Resident Deere

John Deere 60


Sometimes, a classic piece of IRON isn’t sought out or purchased at auction. On occasion, the product is just another part of scenery when everyone moves in.

This seems to be the case with one John Deere 60 tractor which now resides at the AgriGro Farm Center outlet in Hartford, KY. According to workers at the facility, this particular John Deere 60, which was manufactured back in 1959, was part of the inventory when AgriGro’s current owners, the Beddow family, bought the outlet back in the late 1990s. So what is known about this unit is scarce.

A Fifties Classic

According to John Deere historical information, 60 model tractors were built in the mid- to late 1950s as replacements for the company’s A models. They featured manual steering, differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes and an open operator station with foam padded seat. In all, 57,300 John Deere 60s were made before the model was replaced by the John Deere 620.

Although its history before AgriGro is a mystery, the ag retailer has taken pains to preserve this piece of Classic IRON. During the winter of 2009, the company spent time and money restoring the unit to mint condition

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