Syngenta Seeds Introduces New Soybeans Products

Syngenta Seeds Introduces New Soybeans Products

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. has released 17 new NK Soybeans products for the 2010 growing season. The new products deliver outstanding disease resistance packages including Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) and excellent tolerance to both Sclerontinia White Mold, and Sudden Death Syndrome in several varieties.


"Our new products exemplify Syngenta’s commitment to providing soybean growers with elite genetics that deliver excellent yield and agronomic packages that are best for their farm,” says Gene Kassmeyer, head, Syngenta Seeds soybean product line. “The performance of our products is a testament to Syngenta’s investment in soybean research and development over the last 10 years resulting in exceptional genetic advancements.”

Developed from the industry’s largest and most advanced germplasm pool, the new NK Soybeans products have performed well in trials, with some varieties yielding an average of 72 bushels per acre. These new products range from late-maturity group I to late-maturity group VII.

The new release includes three Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology products — S17-G8 Brand, S31-L7 Brand, and S42-T4 Brand.

Two of the new products are Aphid Management System varieties. The Aphid Management System is the industry’s first fully integrated option for soybean aphid control. The system combines Syngenta genetics with a native trait for resistance to soybean aphids, along with Syngenta Crop Protection and Seed Care products to deliver complete, season-long protection.

The new NK Soybeans products are available through your local Garst Seed Advisor, Golden Harvest Dealer, or NK Seeds Retailer.

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