Channel Expands Field Check Up Series

Channel Expands Field Check Up Series

For 2011, Channel brand seed is expanding its Field Check Up Series to help more farmers optimize their corn and soybean crops from planting through harvest.


Through this series, Channel Seedsmen walk their customers’ fields to evaluate plant performance and offer agronomic recommendations to help maximize yield potential and profitability. Last season, Channel Seedsmen – a team of professionals who provide sales and service support based on an in-depth understanding of their customers’ farming operations – conducted more than 3,200 Field Check Up visits on 2.1 million acres.

“The 2011 season holds great promise, especially because of strong grain prices and advanced seed technologies that can help farmers be successful,” said Chad Bilby, Channel Brand Lead. “We are expanding the Field Check Up Series to help farmers make the best planting decisions for their farms.”

All Channel farmer customers are eligible to participate in the Field Check Up Series by contacting their Channel Seed and Technology Advisor (STA) or Channel District Sales Manager. For additional information, visit