Missouri Governor Meets With Bayer CEO To Discuss Monsanto Merger

Missouri Governor Meets With Bayer CEO To Discuss Monsanto Merger

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon visited Bayer AG global headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany, on November 18 to discuss the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger with Bayer AG CEO Werner Baumann and Liam Condon, CEO of Bayer CropScience AG, according to a release on TheMissouriTimes.com. As the Governor has stated since the September announcement of the proposed deal, he is determined to make sure the combined company would benefit the highly skilled and globally respected innovator-employees and researchers at Monsanto’s Missouri operations as well as the Missouri economy.


Gov. Nixon and Bayer CEO Baumann released the following statements at the conclusion of the meetings:

“I appreciated the opportunity to meet with Bayer AG CEO Baumann,” Gov. Nixon said. “Throughout our discussions, I stressed that Monsanto is not only a global leader in crop science with thousands of highly skilled employees set in the heartland of global agriculture, The company and its employees are a critical pillar in St. Louis’ international leadership in the plant science economy, agriculture research and education, and outstanding contributors to cultural institutions and charitable organizations.

“I also stressed the opportunities for further investment and growth both in St. Louis and at Bayer’s existing 240-acre Kansas City facility that provides more than 840 jobs producing some of the world’s leading seed treatments and agricultural chemicals,” the Governor said. “I also expressed my appreciation for Bayer’s long-standing investment in Kansas City and its relationship with the community.”

“At Bayer, our purpose is Science For A Better Life,” Baumann said. “As the population grows, farmers around the world need new, more innovative tools to meet the rising demands for more food and feed. Creating these tools requires cutting edge science and access to the best talent. As I told Gov. Nixon today, Missouri, and its center of excellence in the sciences, is perfectly aligned with our purpose and the proposed combination with Monsanto will unite two complementary research pipelines powered by some of the brightest minds today. Our commitment to our customers, employees and society as a whole is to innovate and lead in the essential area of sustainable modern agriculture. I appreciated the opportunity to meet with Gov. Nixon today and we look forward to engaging with all stakeholders and will continue an open dialogue and exchange.”

Baumann reaffirmed his commitment to the Governor that the combined agricultural business of Bayer and Monsanto will have its global Seeds & Traits and North American commercial headquarters in St. Louis.

Since the announcement of the proposed merger, the Governor has met on multiple occasions with top Monsanto executives, including CEO Hugh Grant.