ProGro BIO Launches Expansive 2024 U.S.-Wide Rhizol Soil Inoculant In-Field Trials

ProGro BIO has announced the commencement of its 2024 U.S. expansive in-field trial program. Building upon the resounding success of its 2023 program, which encompassed over 10,000 acres across diverse crops, this year’s initiative marks another milestone in ProGro BIO’s commitment to supporting and expanding regenerative agricultural practices.

The 2024 program, which has already been fully subscribed, aims to further showcase the efficacy of ProGro BIO’s groundbreaking natural organic microbial soil inoculant, Rhizol. Comprised of 35 potent microbial isolates in highly concentrated form, Rhizol rejuvenates soil biodiversity paving the way for enhanced crop performance, yields, and support of regenerative farming practices.


Zach Lancaster, ProGro BIO Field Director, expressed enthusiasm for the 2024 program, stating, “On the heels of our successful 2023 program, interest in ProGro’s 2024 in program has been extremely well received. Buoyed by the success of last year’s program, we are significantly expanding into new geographies and markets with our 2024 program. With over 370 plots across 20 states, this year’s program engages participants from all sectors of agriculture including growers, consultants, universities, and research organizations. Our In-Field programs provide first-hand experience with Rhizol for farmers and crop consultants across the country paired with third-party supervision and data analysis.”

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In 2023, ProGro BIO launched one of the largest agricultural in-field trial programs in recent history, spanning 22 states and encompassing numerous crop types. Results from the program demonstrated significant findings including expanded root systems and growth at the seedling stage, accelerated early season vigor, expedited foliar formation and leaf development, increased fruiting activity in the reproductive growth phase and impressive net increases in crop yields. The company launched full commercial sales activities for the 2024 spring planting season.