Willowood Expands Insecticide Portfolio

Willowood Expands Insecticide Portfolio

The EPA has approved both the technical and end-use registrations for Willowood Lambda Cy 1EC. Available from Willowood USA, Willowood Lambda Cy 1EC is a broad spectrum insecticide used in the control of primary and secondary insect pests on crops such as, cole crops, lettuce, corn, cotton, peanuts, rice, soybeans, tomatoes and wheat.


“Willowood Lambda Cy 1EC is an important addition to our growing insecticide portfolio” says Brian Heinze, Willowood USA President and CEO. “We continue to add valuable generic alternatives to our list of crop protection products. We currently have three additional new products in
the 2012 registration pipeline and hope to announce those products in the coming months.”

Heinze also said the Willowood team is already identifying product development candidates for 2013, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing a broad spectrum of generic alternatives to the American farmer.

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