New Alias Provides Aphid Weapon

New Alias Provides Aphid Weapon

Makhteshim Agan of North America (MANA) has a new weapon in the fight against soybean aphid outbreaks.


“MANA has just received supplemental registration of Alias 4F insecticide, which contains the active ingredient imidacloprid for control of aphids in soybeans.

“This new labeling for Alias 4F provides a fourth choice of active ingredient from MANA that growers can use to protect their soybeans against these very destructive pests,” says Don Guy, MANA’s field development and technical services manager. “Growers who need a short pre-harvest interval will find the seven-day soybeans preharvest interval of Alias 4F a good fit.” The other three MANA offerings against soybean aphids are Silencer 1EC, Adjourn, and Chlorpyrifos 4E.

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