Ballista LFC Corn Insecticide Receives EPA Registration

Ballista LFC Corn Insecticide Receives EPA Registration

Growers looking for broad-spectrum control of soil-dwelling corn insect pests, including corn rootworm (CRW), grubs, maggots, and wireworms, will have access to Ballista LFC insecticide from Syngenta now that it has received registration from the EPA.


Corn insect control is a challenge for growers each year, and they should consider multiple factors when deciding if a soil-applied insecticide (SAI) is right for them, especially when planting CRW-traited corn. Under certain conditions, an SAI combined with a CRW-traited hybrid is one of the most effective ways to deliver consistent control of soil pests in corn, and to protect yield.

Syngenta trials have shown that Ballista LFC controls both CRW and secondary pests, including grubs, maggots and wireworms. Combined with CRW traits, Ballista LFC delivers consistent and convenient control of these pests.

“Consistent and convenient control in an insecticide is a priority for growers looking to protect their yields,” said Brent Lackey, product lead for Syngenta. “Use of Ballista LFC will be most appropriate on CRW-traited corn in low-pressure areas or when there is a need to control secondary pests not controlled by traits.”

The insecticide’s active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, is an industry standard for broad-spectrum insect control. For added convenience, Ballista LFC is compatible with a wide range of liquid fertilizers.

State registrations for Ballista LFC are still pending. For more information about Ballista LFC insecticide, visit