INCOTEC Announces Unique Breakthrough With Its ThemoSeed treatment

INCOTEC Announces Unique Breakthrough With Its ThemoSeed treatment

INCOTEC officially confirms today that their patented technology, ThermoSeed, is consistently showing a strong priming effect for field crops alongside its well-known function as an effective seed disinfection treatment. After many years of experiences, ThermoSeed-treated seeds are seen to germinate faster and more uniformly even when the seeds are exposed to stressful conditions in the field, such as low temperatures.


INCOTEC has had many years of success with ThermoSeed as a state-of-the-art and sustainable disinfection treatment. The technology is now being used successfully in Europe and North America, especially for crops such as cereals and rice. It is now being tested and introduced in countries like Japan and Brazil. INCOTEC has accumulated a great deal of experience and has consistently observed the positive effect of ThermoSeed on seed germination and emergence. The technology uses hot humid air and the seeds do not need any drying back after treatment, making it economically very suitable for large acre crops.

Senior Executive member of INCOTEC’s Board of Directors, JanWillem Breukink commented: “We are excited about this discovery. This development can be seen as a breakthrough for everyone working with large acre crops. We have been waiting for this for years. A large-scale priming which doesn’t entirely wet the seeds. The result is that no drying is needed after the treatment. This opens doors for large-scale seed priming in a very cost effective way. We are gaining more and more experience, but so far we have good results in cereal crops and rice. ThermoSeed is 100% environmentally friendly and now growers can combine effective pathogen control with improved and faster germination in one treatment, even when the growing conditions are not optimal.”

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