H.J. Baker & Bro. Launches TIGER Magnesium 15%

H.J. Baker & Bro. Launches TIGER Magnesium 15%

H.J. Baker & Bro. Inc. has launched TIGER Magnesium 15%, a low-salt product which uniquely offers a gradual, extended release to benefit even the most sensitive crops throughout the growing season.


The availability of TIGER Magnesium ensures growers the necessary fine-tuning for a complete and balanced soil fertility program that results in high yield and top quality. Magnesium is an important addition to all plants, acting as a macronutrient for chlorophyll, which enables photosynthesis. Growers can easily, safely, and continuously use TIGER Magnesium to balance the high Ca levels in calcareous soils, providing those crops with a much more balanced soil fertility program as well.

“The deficiency of any essential nutrient limits crop yields and crop quality,” commented Marty Campfield, Director of Tiger-Sul Product Management and International Sales. “TIGER Magnesium 15% is a perfect example of H.J. Baker tuning into the agriculture industry and its customers’ need. We heard, we listened, and we responded with a user-friendly product that can benefit any crop.”

TIGER Magnesium contains a finely balanced trio of bentonite clay, sulphur, and magnesium in oxide form. This unique blend of TIGER Magnesium works directly with nature’s soil, using the acid released from the sulphur oxidation process and converting it to plant nutrient magnesium. This process enables the soil to benefit from the TIGER Magnesium throughout the growing season rather than all at once as can occur with a water-soluble product. TIGER Magnesium has also a low salt index, enabling it to safely and effectively be used in starter fertilizer and on sensitive specialty crops.