CF Industries’ New Offer ‘Superior To Yara’s’

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. has offered to acquire Terra Industries Inc. for $37.15 in cash and 0.0953 of a share of CF Industries common stock for each Terra share. The offer has a total value of $47.40 per share based on CF Industries closing price on Monday, March 1, 2010. CF Industries has received $4.05 billion of financing commitments and the offer is not subject to financing. Morgan Stanley Senior Funding, Inc. has committed $2.8 billion and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. has committed $1.25 billion. CF Industries also announced that it intends to commence an exchange offer for Terra shares that will be scheduled to expire on April 2, 2010.

"It is clear that CF Industries is the best acquirer for Terra given the compelling strategic benefits of the combination, including the substantial synergies only we can achieve together," says Stephen R. Wilson, chairman, president and chief executive officer of CF Industries. "We withdrew our prior offer because we believed that Terra was unwilling to agree to a sale. Now that Terra is for sale, we have made an offer that is superior to Yara’s substantially lower, highly conditional offer."

The offer is subject to Terra terminating its merger agreement with Yara and entering into a merger agreement with CF Industries and other customary conditions set forth in the merger agreement.

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3 comments on “CF Industries’ New Offer ‘Superior To Yara’s’

  1. Anonymous

    It seems CF was trying to “ripoff” the Terra investors for a long time. Now that a deal is done with Yara they have more money! Shame on CF.