West Central Cooperative

Rank: 72 (Previous Rank: 44)
406 1st St.
Ralston IA 51459   
Phone: 712-667-3200
Fax: 712-667-3476
Website: http://www.west-central.com
Organization Type: Cooperative
Year Founded: 1933
Retail Outlets: 17
States Served: 1
Employees: 273
2015 Revenue: $51-$65 million
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 25%, Fertilizer: 39%, Seed: 28%, Custom Application: 8%

West Central is a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Ralston, IA. It operates a licensed public grain warehouse, provides grain marketing services; supplies feed, fertilizer, chemicals, and other merchandise; and manufactures and markets dairy nutrition products. West Central is one of the 20 largest grain companies in the North America, and continually explores ways to add value to members’ crops by transforming them into products that are worth more in the world marketplace.