Cooperative Elevator Co.

Rank: 47 (Previous Rank: 50)
7211 E. Michigan Ave.
Pigeon MI 48755   
Phone: 989-453-4500
Fax: 989-453-3942
Organization Type: Cooperative
Year Founded: 1915
Retail Outlets: 11
States Served: 2 (MI, ND)
Employees: 165
2018 Revenue: $66-$100 million
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 19%, Fertilizer: 60%, Seed: 17%, Custom Application: 4%

Cooperative Elevator Co. is an agricultural cooperative situated in Michigan’s “thumb” — a rich agricultural region offering fertile soils, tiled fields, adequate rainfall, and temperatures moderated by Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay. The region combines trained and experienced producers, excellent work ethics, good transportation, a strong agricultural infrastructure, diversified crop and livestock enterprises, and progressive farming practices to create a spirit of cooperation and partnering.