Rank: 21 (Previous Rank: 21)
121 Somerville Rd. NE
Decatur AL 35601   
Phone: 256-560-2831
Fax: 256-560-2931
Organization Type: National or Regional Chain of Dealerships
Year Founded: 2003
Retail Outlets: 29
States Served: 4 (AL, MS, GA, FL)
Employees: 357
2019 Revenue: $201 million-$1 billion
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 36%, Fertilizer: 41%, Seed: 20%, Custom Application: 3%

At AGRI-AFC, our roots have been firmly planted since 2003. With offices in Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama, we have made a name supporting fields of all varieties. From cultivation to harvest, our goal is to provide an abundance of information and resources, guiding you in all things agricultural. The experienced team at AGRI-AFC is here to serve you with a wealth of information on the latest agricultural products, technologies, and research.