Using the John Deere Operations Center for Government Reporting Requirements

The USDA reporting is a standard practice for most professional growers, writes Erin Hightower at PrecisionAg. Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) contract management and Farm Service Agency (FSA) acreage reporting, as well as crop disaster reporting, require a large amount of information and take a significant amount of time to compile.


Precision agriculture equipment and software presents an opportunity to save time in the reporting process for these and other programs outside of the USDA. John Deere precision agriculture technology and tools, such as JDLink in the John Deere Operations Center, can be helpful in the tracking, organization, and compiling of information needed for standard annual reporting.

Why it Matters

It’s important that agronomists and trusted advisors ensure growers are taking advantage of all their resources for optimal information management and to reduce risk of missing information. Encouraging them to track their data for the purpose of agronomy management is easy, even if the return on investment (ROI) can vary by crop. However, many may not realize how much time and energy can be saved by ensuring data management is set up to work with FSA and NRCS reporting requirements.

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