Rantizo Adds Three More Midwestern States to Approved Territory For Agricultural Drone Spraying

This week Rantizo became the first company approved for agricultural drone spraying in three additional states, further expanding the company’s territory to include Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska. The Iowa City based ag tech company is now the first and only approved for drone spraying in five Midwestern states: Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska.


“In early July we became the first company approved for drone spraying in Iowa. Since then, several other Midwestern states have followed suit,” Rantizo CEO Michael Ott explained. “In just a matter of weeks we have gone from one state approval to being able to provide drone spraying solutions to the entire Midwest.”

As word of Rantizo has continued to spread around the country, interest for drone applications has grown along with it.

“It’s very interesting,” exclaimed Ott, “as we continue to connect with growers and agronomists within the agriculture industry, the conversations start off typically with one area of focus…spraying their crops. By the end of our conversations we hear them saying things like ‘Oh, I could see this being a good tool to use for cover crops or reaching troubled areas. Once they understand how it works, you can just see the wheels turning on endless other uses they would have for the technology.”

Since their July approvals in Iowa and Wisconsin, Rantizo has had no shortage of work coming their way either.

“We’ve sprayed fungicide applications on mature corn in Iowa, completed cover crop interseeding in drowned out fields, and even applied organic materials on a dairy farm’s field of brussel sprouts,” Ott said. “One of our first Rantizo contracts has kept busy spraying five days a week earning him a check for a few thousand dollars- for work performed just last week.”

Although the company has been the first and only approved in the Midwest for drone spraying, Rantizo plans to continue to expand across the country.

“The demand is definitely there,” Rantizo Director of Operations, Craig Perry stated. “We’ve had people reaching out to us from Hawaii to New York and everywhere in between. Some states will be easier than others to break into and we will continue to work on this.”

“I really thought a farmer we were spraying for last week in Wisconsin said it well,” Ott mentioned. “He said, ‘I knew drones were coming to agriculture, but I didn’t realize that day was today.’”

In July, Rantizo became the first company in both the states of Iowa and Wisconsin approved for drone based agricultural spraying.

This month and next, the company is planning to be very busy with a regional demo tour including stops in Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee. For more information on those or to request attendance, individuals may contact [email protected].

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