Smart Apply Welcomes Lasseter Tractor As an Authorized Dealer, Adds Six Locations in South Georgia

Smart Apply, Inc., maker of the Intelligent Spray Control System that enables high value crop growers to achieve significant reductions in chemical use and costs, automate spraying, minimize environmental impact, and capture data while spraying, has announced that Lasseter Tractor Company is now an authorized Smart Apply dealer. Smart Apply’s dealer network now includes nearly 460 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Lasseter has been a John Deere dealer since 1956 and provides equipment and precision ag solutions to farmers across South Georgia from six locations: Douglas, Lyons, Moultrie, Ocilla, Tifton, and Unadilla. As demand for ag technology has grown, Lasseter Tractor has built a knowledgeable Precision Ag team that works with high-value crop and row crop growers to use the latest agtech to optimize yields and farm operations.


Signing Lasseter Tractor as a dealer is particularly sweet for Smart Apply as Georgia pecan growers were among the first high-value crop growers to embrace the company’s precision spray and data system. As the largest pecan producing state in America—91 million pounds in 2023—Georgia continues to be a growth market for Smart Apply.

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Smart Apply CEO Jerry Johnson personally welcomed Lasseter Tractor as an authorized dealer. “We’re very pleased that the Smart Apply System is now represented in South Georgia by Lasseter Tractor, a highly respected and preferred dealer among the region’s ag community. Our goal is to bring the benefits of the Smart Apply System to as many Georgia high-value crop growers as possible. Having local presence with Lasseter Tractor is critical because of their knowledge and expertise, but also for sales, service, and support growers depend on,” Johnson said.

“We’ve met many pecan growers across the state through our participation with the Georgia Pecan Grower Association. Smart Apply’s affiliation with Lasseter Tractor will be great news for those looking to add a Smart Apply System to their orchards’ spraying operations,” Johnson added.

Commenting on the announcement, Lasseter Tractor’s Precision Ag Manager Matt Tucker said, “We are excited to bring the Smart Apply System into our portfolio. High-value crops makeup a significant number of acres in South Georgia, including pecans, blueberries and citrus. In the past, we have struggled to bring precision ag technology into these cropping systems, but partnering with Smart Apply enables us to provide a system to our customers to make their operations more efficient and sustainable.”

The Smart Apply System is the only precision spray system for high-value crops that combines LiDAR-enabled precision spraying and automated data collection and analysis during each spray session. The system is sold as a kit and can be retrofitted to virtually any new or used air blast, over-the-row or GUSS autonomous sprayer. Smart Apply replaces continuous spraying with individual spray nozzle control and pulse width modulation to deliver precise chemical application within individual trees or vines based on size and foliage density. This results in an average 50 percent reduction in chemical use and associated costs, and up to 92 percent reduction in run off and up to 87 percent reduction in air borne drift.