INTENT Unveils New Ag Data Modeling Tool

INTENT, a leader in ag data services and software, unveiled its INNOVA offering which harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to transform complex datasets into predictive insights. Until now, the unknowns in agriculture had made it difficult, if not impossible, to anticipate a product’s market fit with confidence.

The launch of INNOVA allows users to visually model proprietary and public data from around the world to map out a profitable path forward. Having the ability to forecast market size, value, optimal placement and sustainability impacts will be a distinct competitive advantage.


The sheer volume and complexity of these data sets are often too great for in-house teams to gather and interpret manually. Resource constraints continue to stretch businesses, putting a greater emphasis on making informed decisions backed by sound data.

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“Information that doesn’t prepare you for what’s ahead can do more harm than good,” said Randy Barker, INTENT CEO. “Businesses have staked too much time and energy on proof-of-concept to leave their commercial success to chance. With INNOVA, you’re able to control your own destiny.”

Knowing precisely how and where a product(s) should be sold allows businesses to prioritize resources accordingly. Ideal candidates for INNOVA include those interested in:

  • Product Placement – Determining optimal product placement, down to the sub-field level, understanding where your product will perform best and where it will not. Incorporate land usage, climate and soil suitability, and product performance information.
  • Market Size – Gaining an understanding of the total addressable market size for a product, incorporating acre projections, climate and land suitability, and pest projections, to the county level.
  • Product Value – Assessing the value of your product relative to market alternatives, incorporating performance, pricing and usage data, to the county level.
  • Sustainability Impact – Evaluating GHG impact and forecast future projections, integrating client data sources with climate, soil, land usage and other variables.

Built upon INTENT’s years of in-field experience with farmer trials, INNOVA has a pedigree unlike any data platform in the world. Agribusinesses can now enjoy access to market intelligence and even re-examine existing data to reveal insights that may have been previously missed.

“One of the best things about INNOVA is that businesses no longer have to worry about making key decisions in a vacuum,” said Barker. “With this tool, they can look beyond their bubble and use agricultural data from across the globe to inform decisions in their own backyard.”