American Vanguard Releases 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report

American Vanguard Corporation has announced the release of its 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report, a detailed update of the company’s commitment to the principles of Sustainable Agriculture, which is at the center of its Environmental, Social Responsibility, and Governance (ESG) initiative.

With the 39-page report, the company focuses on the central role that agriculture can play in mitigating climate change. More specifically, the company profiles its portfolio of Climate-Smart Ag solutions, including soil health products, its proprietary SIMPAS precision application system, and MRV (measure, record, verify) platform ULTIMUS. The company also reports on its progress with its sustainability initiatives and provides an update of safety and environmental metrics at its manufacturing plants and laboratory facilities. To improve transparency, in future reports the company will detail plans to expand reporting, to include Scope 3 GHG emissions, warehouses, office spaces, and international businesses, as well as social and governance metrics.


“At American Vanguard, we recognize the importance of our role and effect on the planet – from our local communities to the global environment,” said Eric Wintemute, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of American Vanguard. “With this 2023 Sustainability Report, we reiterate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility featuring our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within, while engaging in community outreach outside the company. We strive to improve the well-being of our employees and those in our communities, while safely and responsibly operating our businesses with a sense of mindfulness – toward the climate, the environment, and the good of humans and other species.”

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An executive summary of the 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report along with an opportunity to download the report in its entirely can be found at the company’s website.