AGree Looks to Senate and House for Bipartisan Farm Bill That Supports Farmers’ Profitability and Conservation

Following the Senate Republicans’ release of a farm bill proposal, Deb Atwood, Meridian Institute Senior Fellow and Senior Advisor to AGree, released the following statement:

“We are glad to see both the House and Senate continue to present constructive policy for how we can move the Farm Bill forward. As the Farm Bill advances, we urge Congress to work in a bipartisan manner and connect with farmers and ranchers throughout the legislative process so that the final bill has the support they need to incorporate conservation practices into their land.


“Our Farm Bill priorities are focused on promoting American farms’ profitability and resilience. This includes exploring how leveraging infrastructure, markets, conservation programming, and the Federal Crop Insurance Program can support a range of diversification options. We also continue to advocate for farmers and policies that ensure that we can bolster agricultural data and access so they have the support and knowledge they need to understand how practices impact their farms.

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“Our coalition is focused on establishing a secure data service to collect, link, and analyze data on conservation practices while ensuring farmer privacy. By understanding the effects that conservation practices and diversified farming systems have on our land, we can better understand how to improve them.”