Introducing The VISION Conference 2024 Executive Primer

Now in its seventh year, The VISION Conference is the premier event where forward-thinking executives of the ag tech community come together to chart the strategic roadmap for the adoption of the latest innovative technologies and systems, with a focus on the drivers that will transform the agribusiness industry in the next 3-5 years.

This year, The VISION Conference will focus on unlocking the value of innovation by addressing challenges head-on. We’ll take an interactive, collaborative approach to key focus areas including farmer ROI; AI and data usage; infrastructure and support barriers; extracting insights from the data haystack; interoperability; sustainability; and cross-industry insights.


We’ve produced an Executive Primer to equip leaders like you with a clear understanding of the most impactful drivers of ag innovation as it stands today and is poised to evolve in the near future – so that you can come to VISION ready to make an impact with your fellow industry leaders. Access this report and join us in Arizona in January.

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