Greenhouse Grower: Our Agricultural Guest Workers Deserve Better

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This country’s politics are out of control when it comes to agricultural guestworkers and immigration reform, and I’m afraid we’re not going to see a fair solution coming in the near future, writes Greenhouse Grower editor Laura Drotleff in a recent Op-Ed on the ongoing immigration crisis here in the U.S.

It’s more than unfortunate — it just plain sucks, because there’s so much at stake here, for the workers and their families, for the companies who depend on them, for the horticulture and broader agriculture industries, and for the Americans who depend on us to sustain their way of living.

How can we expect to feed and beautify our country without enough people to do the work?

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Avatar for paul smith paul smith says:

I am in complete agreement with Ms Drotleff. All workers no matter their skill level or socio economic station in life deserve human respect. Many of these worker have come here to better themselves. They are no different than most of you to want a better life for themeselves and their families. I remember a few years ago when the state of Geogria had a crackdown on illegal farm workers. It was still during the downturn in the economy and the state in there greater wisdom cracked down and got rid of a large number of migrant farm workers. The results was half the peach crop rotted for lack of workers. Americans have gotten lazy, want more for what they do, and are simply not in position to do this kind of work. Whether you have a farm background or not seasonal immigrant workers are essential for harvesting our produce. The other choice is to have it all imported.

Avatar for John Wolford John Wolford says:

Why did the farm community support Trump knowing he would attempt to stop the immigration or migration of people willing to do this work? Why did they vote for Trump when he promised to do away with NAFTA, did they not know because of NAFTA Mexico was buying thousands of bushels of corn from growers, especially in Iowa. Did they not listen to him that during the campaign he would raise tariffs which in turn resulted in a drop in soybean sales in the export maret. Seems to me they got exactly what they voted for.