Farrell Growth Group Expands Benchmarking Services into Canada with Winfield United Canada

Winfield United Canada and Farrell Growth Group have announced a partnership to provide further business insights to independent ag retailers. The partnership will offer a financial planning and benchmarking service called Management Information Excellence (MIX). The MIX program combines Farrell Growth Group’s leading financial analysis program and knowledge delivered through The Academy, Winfield United’s insights and learning platform.


The MIX program provides benchmarking information to help independent ag retail companies seeking to build on their past success and find new solutions to ever present and rapidly changing market pressures. MIX is designed to analyze industry trends along with retail performance side by side with industry averages. The reports will help independent ag retail owners access information at an individual company level and help answer questions about their own performance versus industry norms.

“The business benchmarking program gives retailers an independent perspective of the current status of their business while helping them identify areas for growth,” according to Kelly Farrell, Farrell Growth Group Partner. “Helping organizations to improve performance involves analysis of many existing processes. The ability to look outside their own organization through industry benchmarks can be one of the most important tools and skills for ag retail business owners.”

If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact your Winfield United Account Manager or Heather Boensch, Director of Business Resources.