CommoditAg Expands Its Suppliers with the Addition of Soil Technologies

CommoditAg continues to expand its robust supplier list with the addition of Soil Technologies Corp. (Soil Tech), a company offering multiple natural alternatives for many agronomic markets. The new partnership allows CommoditAg to add several new organic agricultural inputs to their product lineup.


“Soil Tech is a leader in manufacturing superior products for organic agriculture, and we are thrilled to now offer their products to our farming customers,” said John Demerly, CEO, CommoditAg. “CommoditAg is committed to partnering with innovative leaders to provide products that meet the needs of today’s farmers, and our partnership with Soil Tech will allow us to do so.”

Soil Tech provides high-quality, environmentally sound products to offer a viable contribution to the emerging market for safe, sustainable solutions in agriculture. The company offers effective alternatives for disease and pest controls, fertilizers, conditioners, aquatic and soil bioremediation products. The technical composition of its products utilizes live microbial agents, natural plant extracts, unprocessed mineral plant nutrients, raw plant oils and all-natural carrier materials. CommoditAg now offers the following products from Soil Tech:

  • Armorex – An OMRI Listed formula that uses natural ingredients to create a unique pesticide alternative that kills on contact and maintains a repellent action against many insects, nematodes and fungi. Armorex is recommended for vegetables, berries, herbs, ornamentals, flowers, shrubbery, fruits and turfgrass.
  • Fungastop – An OMRI Listed, low-toxicity fungicide concentrate that can be sprayed at the first sign of a fungus or bacteria problem. Its ingredients have been scientifically proven to provide control of a broad spectrum of plant-fungal and bacterial disease agents, and they are exempt from an EPA residue tolerance requirement.
  • Oasys Ultra – An OMRI Listed green surfactant, Oasys Ultra combines Quillaja extract, humic acid, and kelp extract to provide a natural, non-burning alternative to chemical penetrants, wetting agents and sticker-spreaders. Oasys Ultra is non-toxic, plant-derived, and can even be applied as a ‘rescue’ in hot and dry weather when plants are most stressed.
  • Robust DP – A unique blend of rhizobacteria designed to improve seedling health and vigor. The ingredients have been shown to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals needed for maintaining the health of early stage growing plants. The product increases plant resistance to disease pressure, producing more healthy plants with increased vigor with the potential for higher yields. Robust DP is suitable for organic agriculture.
  • Robust WP – A unique blend of rhizobacteria designed to improve plant health and vigor. The ingredients have been shown to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals needed for maintaining the health of plant roots and foliage. The Robust WP formula stimulates and strengthens plant cell tissues. Robust WP is suitable for organic agriculture.
  • VigorSol – A proprietary blend containing beneficial species of Trichoderma, a genus of naturally occurring beneficial fungi, used to inoculate soils. The inoculation and cultivation in the soil-plant environment with these beneficial microbes enhances the soil biology. Growing plants in a soil environment that is more biologically active may improve overall plant vitality, stimulate disease resistance, and allow plants more vigor. VigorSol is suitable for organic agriculture.

“Soil Tech is delighted to team up with CommoditAg, who offers a broad spectrum of products for organic, conventional and transitional agriculture,” said Dr. Jim Schaefer, President and Senior Agronomist, Soil Tech. “We both share a common desire to meet the needs of the farmers in today’s world. This partnership will ultimately be a great resource to the agriculture community, by providing low toxicity, quality products at a reduced cost.”